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Why Use Air Pillow Packaging In Your Shipping Box
Jan 05, 2019

Every time we open a boxed shipment, the empty portion of the box is filled up by small, translucent air pillows. They're fun to squish, and even more fun to pop loudly. Also we could find the brand names on them which we as an inflatable cushion packaging manufacturer are familiar with.


But do you ever wonder how we make these air pillows? What tools do we use to inflate and seal? Do we need a lot of manpower to doit? There are YouTube videos, and you'll find something amazing!

Here is our air cushion machine C18 Which is brand-new but very useful after our professional test.

And here is air cushion machine 018N and we have been selling it for one year already.

Inflating speed is same for both of the two machines and there are many inflatable packing fillers: air pillows film, air bubble film, air four row bubble film and still different thicknesses and sizes. Collectively, all this stuff is known as void fill. It fills the most void with the least storage and waste of any of the other options.

With use of latest technology, air-bag products giving fragile and delicate products of varying sizes even better protection from shocks, scratches and damage as well as greatly reducing shipping costs, labor costs and storage cost. At the same time air-bag film is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

If you are insterested in the void fill packaging or the air cushion machine, please feel free to contact us. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world and hope  we can cooperate to achieve win-win situation!

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