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Why Does Red Wine Need To Use Gas Column Packing?
Aug 03, 2018

    More and more consumers in the purchase of red wine, will see a kind of inflatable gas column packaging, yes, this is the gas column bag! A lot of people have questions: Where were the previous bubbles and EPE? Why is this kind of packaging used? 

    Here is a description of why red wine needs to use gas-column bag packaging. We summarize roughly three reasons: first, the excellent seismic buffering function is the mission of the gas column bag. The reason why the airbag becomes a gas-column bag is that it is a pillar filled with gas, and each column is independent of each other, and will not affect other columns because of the rupture of a pillar. 

    In this way in the course of transport due to the gas column package, the wine will not be packaged by bumps, collisions and damage! Because of the special protection of red wine, damage reduced, so that the change of the good to save the cost of the factory.

    So what are the advantages of using a gas-column bag in terms of cost savings? Second, the cost of energy saving mentioned above to reduce red wine damage to reduce costs, gas-column bags also have other cost-saving functions. Gas-column bags in the air before the full formation, only a number of A4 paper thickness, is now filled with the use of this will save a lot of storage space, reducing the cost of warehousing.   

    Second, the red wine into the inflatable bag, will soon be full of gas, reducing the packaging time, improve the work efficiency! Third, enhance the image of the Enterprise Inflatable gas column bag belongs to the 21st century new packaging system, environmental pollution-free, recyclable, in line with the EU RoHS Green Environmental protection requirements.

    As more and more people pay attention to environmental protection, the voice of environmental protection packaging is more and more high, the use of Inflatable gas column bag is absolutely in line with the environmental requirements of consumers, so the use of this kind of gas column bag is conducive to enhance the image of the enterprise. In summary, the use of gas-column bag packaging red wine is the wine market to protect wine good choice!

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