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What Kind Of White Label, Green Standard, Black Mark Of Air Valve In Gas Column Bag Packing?
Aug 03, 2018

In the market, many people in the search for gas column packaging products found that the valve has white, green, Black Label, so there are many people do not understand the quality of these labeled products which is good?

1, the same valve membrane suppliers of different colors of the valve membrane, the color itself on the valve membrane quality has no effect!

2, the different valve membrane suppliers, even if the same printing color, its quality is also large difference. The color of the valve and the quality of the product is not relevant, valve printing is only convenient for enterprises to mark their own products, so that their products have an independent mark, convenient in the after-sales service and brand awareness can be better recognized!

The reason the customer is so confused, in a way, is the market some practitioners use a relatively low-end sales means: If their own gas column packaging with white valve membrane, to deceive customers white than black (green) good, on the contrary, if their own gas column bag with black valve membrane, deceive customers black than white (green) good.

The color of the valve is not related to the quality of the product. Regardless of green standard, Black Label, white label reverse valve membrane, if it is a first-class supplier of products, quality is quite guaranteed; if it is a low-end bargain, what color is useless, the raw material is to follow the "Penny a penny" this business law. Therefore, customers in the search for products, do not need to pay attention to the color valve, do not trust some enterprises on the color of the valve explanation! 

Good products do not come from the color of the valve, but from the strength of manufacturers and brand advantages, the British mission is a professional research and development of the production of gas column bags of large manufacturers, in their own gas-column bag valves have their own independent marking, Printing is their own logo (DLS or tripod) purpose is to facilitate customers to identify their products from which manufacturers!

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