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What Kind Of Performance Is Cushioning Packaging Products Should Have?
Aug 03, 2018

In the face of the market in a variety of cushioning packaging materials, which kind of material cushioning performance is better, can the real protection of goods?

To know which cushioning packaging material is good, you must first understand the cushioning packaging materials have the performance:

1. Determine the vibration absorption capacity of the packaging material. Goods in the transport, handling, loading and unloading process, in addition to the impact of external forces, but also to withstand the vibration of the acceleration momentum, vibration outside the packaging products produced resonance phenomenon, increase the amplitude and easy to cause damage.

Therefore, the cushioning material should have absorbing vibration force to achieve attenuation vibration performance.

2. Test the recovery capability of the packaging material. After the cushioning material plus the load produces the distortion, when eliminates the additional load, the material deformation disappears restores the original shape the degree to be called the resilience.

Material load is subjected to long-term static pressure load and shock, vibration load, the difference between the former is static recovery, the latter for dynamic recovery, the absorption of energy and poor resilience of the material is not suitable as a buffer material.

3. Assess the absorption of the impact energy of the packaging material. General hard cushioning material, with a larger impact energy absorption, adapt to the impact of small occasions, cushioning materials should be able to absorb the impact of the energy generated, but to pay attention to the material absorption capacity and the impact of the energy to adapt, is not the more absorbent material is the better.

Therefore, when selecting the cushioning material, the appropriate material should be selected according to the stress-strain curve of various materials.

Looking at the current buffer packaging market, there are traditional cushioning material foam, EPE, paper, etc., but these materials are generally resistant to shock, it is difficult to achieve the modern transport process in the buffer effect, the product is easily damaged, and secondly, the package of such materials are not tidy, low grade. 

The new cushioning material--the inflatable bag--changes the situation fundamentally, first, the composition of the inflatable bag is composed of PE and nylon, nylon has excellent tensile and recovery performance; In addition, the inflatable bag is composed of 99% air and 1% film, while the air has excellent impact energy and vibration absorption, compressibility is very strong; , inflatable bags in line with the environmental protection of the seventh category of recycling, can be natural degradation or recycling, green environmental protection, not only to meet the consumer's environmental protection psychology, but also comply with the requirements of the development of the Times. To this end, inflatable bag as a new type of environmental protection materials, is bound to stand out in the cushioning packaging!

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