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The Method Of Judging The Quality Of Gas-column Bag
Aug 03, 2018

1, color

Inferior gas-column bag because of the use of recycled miscellaneous materials, filler masterbatch, so the color of the finished product is yellowing, dark, the British special production of gas column bag color is very comfortable to see the pearl shell luster, we firmly do not use any recycled materials.

2, feel

The inferior gas-column bag has a sense of granularity, and the air-column bag produced by the British mission is smooth and delicate with no granular sensation.

3, Nylon Content

Gas column bag is good or bad, is not decided by the thickness of the cylinder bag itself, compared to the thickness of the bag in the nylon content is more important, how much it determines the ductility of the gas column bag, directly determine the quality of the gas column bag.

4, Grain

Bad-quality gas-column bag with coarse grain.

5, air tightness

Inert gas as a cushioning material of the air bag, air tightness is for its direct research, the tightness of the good or bad determines whether the gas column bag can provide long-term sealing air cushion pillar.

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