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The Difference Between Air Cushion Machine And Gas Column Machine
Aug 03, 2018

1, the principle of the different

Air cushion is compressed by the volume of gas to reduce the gas column is the use of physical structure to shock absorption.

2, the focus of the different

The air cushion is focused on buffering, only one process the gas column is to absorb energy, and then release energy, equivalent to two processes.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

1, the air cushion process is single, the elasticity is small, occupies the space to be small, the damping effect is good .

2, the gas column will have two times to bounce the process, occupies the space to be big, may cause two times the vibration, the damping effect is very good .

The use of different 

1, air cushion for the quality of small object packaging

2, cylinder machine for large objects of mass packaging

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