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How To Pack Food Items Using Air Cushions?
Nov 07, 2018

Food and drink items such as fruits, vegetables, bottled water, or even cheese and alcohol require a special type of packaging for convenient transportation and client delivery. Many transport companies use different types of packaging for transporting items.

The air cushion is a bag made out of biodegradable fabric or plastic. It is designed to cover and protect a product; as well as act as box filler for products that do not use the entire space within a box. The act of box filling also prevents the product from moving inside the box.

When it comes to food and drink items, the air cushion can be used in a number of ways – interleaving, void fill, cross layering, corner protection, and wrapping. All these methods involve the packaging box, air cushions, and the items you wish to pack.

Here we can watch a vedio for your reference.

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