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How To Choose The Thickness Of The Gas-column Bag
Aug 03, 2018

      Everyone in the shopping time will be compare, gas column bag industry is no exception, so many customers at the time of comparison will find that the price difference, and in the gas column bag industry price difference will be larger!

      What is this for? There are many reasons for the price difference, but the main point is the difference in quality, that is, the thickness of the film material of the gas-column bag is different.

      Air column bag How many kinds of thickness are there in the market now? After investigation, the gas column bag market on the thickness of some of the following: 50μm,60μm,65μm,70μm,75μm,100μm. 100μm in the market generally rarely seen, mainly some large listed companies use!

      And the other thickness of the gas column bag is used a lot, then what thickness of the gas column bag is relatively good? Different products need to be protected to varying degrees, so the thickness used is not the same. However, in the research and development of the gas column bag, the thickness of the gas-column bag is Single-layer 75μm and the nylon content is 20%. And because of the bad competition in the airbag market, the thickness of many manufacturers drop again, so there has been the thickness of the existing industry!

      Do not discuss the other thickness of the gas bag can guarantee product safety, but in common sense, the thicker the thickness, the higher the nylon content, the better the quality of stability! The so-called a penny, the thicker the price of the gas column bag is relatively high, a lot of procurement in consideration of the cost will be the first place in the price, thus leading to the market low-cost low quality gas bag production, which is the product of vicious market competition!

      However, customers with brand awareness will not choose the low quality of the gas bag, because for the brand image, in order to protect the product will not be due to the quality of gas column bag instability resulting in loss, so they will choose high-quality material of the gas column bag. In this connection, the gas-column bag manufacturers do not call for all customers are using high-quality gas column bag, because the product needs to be protected to varying degrees, the customer's business philosophy is different, so the choice is not the same! But for the urgent need to protect the products of customers, high-quality gas column bag is your best choice!

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