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How To Choose Suitable Inflatable Air Cushioning Packaging?
Nov 30, 2018


Shock-proof air packaging is playing a more and more important role with the development of electronic business, e-shopping, transport. There are many fragile or vulnerable items in electronic shopping which air packaging is just suitable for. So, how shall we choose the appropriate one? Now please read the practical knowledge prepared by Xiaopai.

ü  What is the shock-proof air packaging?

Shock-proof Air Packaging also named Cushioning Packaging, which prevent items from damages caused by mechanical shock and vibration during transport, storage, logistic and selling.

ü  What is the principle of the shock-proof air packaging?

One of the important principle is the strength of the product to resist shocks add the shock proof of packaging should be equal or slight larger than that during transportation, then item safety can be ensured. It protect item shape and property by using some kind of shockproof cushioning packaging material to suppress the external impact force.

ü  What are the common shockproof packaging materials?

There are many kinds of shock-proof packaging materials. Cost, efficiency and material quality are very important when choosing. Besides, we also preferentially choose environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging materials. There are many different kinds of shock-proof packaging materials which have their own cushioning properties, practicability and cost-effectiveness. They can be divided into three common types.

1.       Paper shock-proof packaging

Paper tray, corrugated board, molded pulp are the most common packaging materials since the development of shock-proof packaging. It is rarely used in food packaging since it is unhealthy and easy to cause detritus. Also it is not water-proof and easy to be out of shape then it can’t protect the goods well on the way. Besides, it spends higher recovery fees and occupy larger area in storage and transportation.

2.       Foam shock-proof packaging

Foam shock-proof packaging has been widely used for many years. Foam particles, cystosepiment, foam gasket are all common types. They are flexible and effective but it is also puffy and not easy for transportation and storage. It consumes time to open new module and is difficult to revise. What’ more, it will cause many environmental problems thus it is phasing out now.

3.       Inflatable shock-proof packaging

Inflatable shock-proof packaging is a kind of new popular packaging material which is widely used in many professions and trades. It is cost-effective and eco-friendly, not only suitable for E-commerce and express delivery industry, but also for traditional retailing. It is easy to transport since it is flat before inflation and can fully wrapped products after inflation. The material of inflatable packaging is a kind of tough film which is suitable for various shape of products, provide effective surface wear and offer prevention from leaking out for a long time.

ü  How to choose shock-proof air packaging?


After reading, is it easier for you make a decision for choosing the shock-proof packaging that is just for you? In addition, Xiaopai want to remind you that we should pay more attention to product quality but not cost-effectiveness. Especially when we need to pack large items, low quality cushioning packaging can’t offer enough prevention thus causing more serious damages. In general, air packaging have the following advantages compared with traditional packaging materials:

1.     Well supported, each air cushion bag can bear about 100KG stastic pressure;

2.     Environmentally friendly;

3.     Saving labor costs;

4.     Reducing storage and transportation space.


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