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Don't Travel Without This Inflatable Wine Bottle Bag
Nov 24, 2018

    Nothing kills a post-vacation high quite like opening your suitcase to find a broken bottle of wine. Besides ruining your clothes, your souvenir is gone, and who knows what state your luggage will be in. Rather than wrapping a bottle in clothing and hoping for the best, there's now a airbag designed specifically for packing breakables, and it only costs less than 1$.



    The plastic airbag holds wine bottles, olive oil, perfumes, and other tall breakable items. They lie flat when empty, then inflate to protect against breakage and leaking while you travel. They're also clear, so TSA won't hassle you when going through security.

    The one downside mentioned is that it does take up more room in your suitcase than a bottle would on its own, obviously. But Comparing with your beloved red wine, it is not a big trouble.


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