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Do You Really Know The Features Of Air Column Bags?
Nov 14, 2018

Air column bags, also named buffering air packaging, air cushion, bubble column bag or cylindrical inflatable bag which is the newest packaging material filled with nature air. It is very popular worldwide.



      Xiaopai has summarized the following eleven advantages for air column bags:

1.   Environmentally-friendly, meeting the seventh type of resource recovery and complying with the requirement of development nowadays.

2.   Moist-proof, a kind of water-proof plastic material.

3.   Shock-proof, consisting of PE and NY. It is tough, durable with good sealing. Air column bags help to keep the inside item impending and prevent from the external impact force.

4.   It is widely used in bags, suitcases, handbags, liquid, electronics, circuit boards, medicines, books, cosmetics, precision instruments, ceramics, arts, domestic appliances, glasses, hardwares, milk power cans, furniture, fruits, flowers and other fragile items.

5.   Saving module fees, customized according to the product size and no need to open new module.

6.   Saving stocking space, light and flat before inflation. It help to save much warehouse space compared with other traditional packaging material like EPE, foam and paper, etc.

7.   Saving packaging time. The automatic inflation machine can fill  80 bags in one minute.

8.   Reducing transport costs. It can reduce the volume of over 10% external boxes and improve the loading quantity.

9.   Simple operation, elastic cutting, no need to seal, one-step module and improving the work efficiency greatly.

10.     Saving labor costs, using automatic inflation machine with higher efficiency and also increasing economic benefits

11.     Enhancing company image, environmental and good-looking. It can prevent goods well and show a good corporate image to the customers.


   Packbest have designed a variety of air column bags with different specification according to different industries. So we also believe we can provide the most suitable solution for you.

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