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Buy Gas Column Bag, Not Only Pay Attention To Price
Aug 03, 2018

Now many customers in the purchase of gas column bag, are very concerned about the price of gas column bags, especially from the Internet to find customers, they are often not clear when the situation of the excessive pursuit of prices! Therefore, many enterprises at the beginning of the choice of a number of low-cost inflatable packaging bags, resulting in the end result of the cost of the thought of the less.

Pay more for the cost of packaging! Gas-column bag prices up to several aspects, the product of raw materials prices, manufacturers of production costs, corporate profits! General production costs and corporate profits will not be a lot of difference, because the normal gas bag manufacturers sell inflatable bags will never pursue a single lot of the profits of the inflatable bag and lost a customer.

But a steady flow of cooperation, small profits but quick turnover, and inflatable bag is consumable, its own value is not small, can cause the difference of space is not, therefore, the price of the raw materials of inflatable bag is the main factor leading to the difference of the price of inflatable bags! Do not underestimate the air bag appearance are similar, but a small bag use of raw material costs and raw materials production process, the price is more than a few times more than! Large formal raw material manufacturers factory raw materials production equipment advanced, mature production technology, quality control, but high price! 

Small,Even small workshop production of raw materials prices are low, but the production equipment is backward, production technology immature, quality control natural imperfect, unable to form large-scale production, quality is susceptible to, although the price is low, but can not guarantee our inflatable bag packaging manufacturers to follow-up product production quality assurance! Therefore, such a large difference in the price of the final reasons for the price of raw materials, then why such a large differential price, why some people are willing to pay for the price of cheap, some people are willing to pay for the "expensive" unit price? This believes that after reading the article you have the answer!

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