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Air Cushion Film---- Air Four Row Bubble Film
Jan 26, 2019

   Inflatable packaging, as a necessary artifact for delivery in e-commerce industry, is not only beautiful and environmentally friendly, but also more importantly, its cost-effective ratio is favored by consumers. Here, we will explain the application and advantages of the Four Row Bubble Film.



  • Product: Air four row bubble film.

  • Material: PO.

  • Appearance: Consists of four rows of air-filled exhausts of the same size.

  • Function: Effectively protect fragile goods and reduce logistics loss.

  • Applications: Luggage and handbag filling, space filling, use as a air cushion packing for logistics.

  • Advantages:

ü  Beautiful appearance to upgrade products.

ü  Totally flat before inflation and help to reduce warehouse space.

ü  Equipped with multi-functional automatic inflator, with optional filling, virtual edge design, easy to use.

ü  Customizable, and Biodegradable.

ü  Easy to pack and save time.


   See, do you think air four row bubble film inflatable packaging is a good choice? We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of inflatable cushioning packaging, which can provide you with better price and quality products.

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