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Air-Column Bag Raw Material--the Introduction Of Coextrusion Film
Aug 03, 2018

      The coextrusion film has most of the characteristics of the composite film, but there is a difference, that is, all the layers of coextrusion are extruded together at the same time, so there will be no aluminum foil, paper and other non plastic materials.

      Because the layer and layer of coextrusion film are bonded by hot fusion without binder, the hygienic safety of the coextrusion film is relatively reliable.

      Coextrusion Film General Practical Life Applications are: pure milk bags, express bags, metal protective film.

      For example, one of the coextrusion film: Black and white film, used to do express bags or milk bags, due to express bag hard objects or a variety of factors cause the bag is easy to break, so the ordinary PE film is not possible, you need to use coextrusion film;

      Coincidentally, food bags (for example: pure milk bags) also required to meet food standards and not easy to break, it must be used to coextrusion film.

      Black and white film belongs to the double layer coextrusion film, in the plastic extrusion when there are two head at the same time extrusion of black PE film and white PE film in the membrane is still in a half liquid when bonded together, do not glue and other chemical substances to glue. The main characteristics of coextrusion film: Good tensile properties, good surface brightness, in line with the coating film, food film, a number of standards.

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