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Air-Column Bag Raw Material--nylon Coextrusion Film
Aug 03, 2018

     A lot of customers who have used buffer gas column bags have learned that the buffer gas column bag packaging in the product transport, unloading, storage and other circulation process to play a protective buffer, in the Logistics express instead of traditional foam, such as pearl cotton cushioning packaging ideal packaging materials. 

     A lot of people have seen the material introduction of the Buffer gas column bag by the pe+ nylon coextrusion film production, not only environmental protection, but also buffer performance efficient, but do not know what the nylon coextrusion film material, why environmental protection?

     The production material of the gas-column bag Nylon coextrusion film is the use of different plastic materials barrier performance difference, five/seven layer coextrusion film, to oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor and other high barrier effect, so nylon coextrusion film with high barrier performance. Nylon Coextrusion Film because the main ingredient is nylon +pe two kinds of materials, its PE material is now one of the common production materials of plastic bags

    And then add nylon and other materials, you can make it with more than the general plastic packaging composite strength, the higher the content of nylon, its coextrusion film toughness, but also the material will become hard, So in the nylon coextrusion film production, the general nylon content than PE content is lower, so five/seven-layer coextrusion film in the process of the tensile characteristics, there is no delamination phenomenon, softness, good heat sealing performance and other characteristics relative to glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, five/ The seven-layer coextrusion film has a great advantage in cost. 

      Because of the simple process, the production cost of film products and dry-type composite film and other composite films can reduce 10-20%. 

      At the same time, the use of coextrusion film production of packaging, can adopt different structural design, you can achieve different quality requirements. Why is the nylon coextrusion film is environmentally friendly and pollution-free packaging materials? That is because the production of raw materials are PE and nylon, the PE is low-density polyethylene (LDPE), non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, is milky white particles, so no residual solvent pollution, green environmental protection.

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