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Advantages Of Gas-column Bags
Aug 03, 2018

A airbag single tube gas column can withstand about 100kg of weight buffer gas column Bag packaging advantages: 

1, high-quality pe+pa film, rugged, high air tightness. Protective energy is more secure. 

2, the basic materials by SGS testing does not contain any heavy metals, burning non-toxic, in line with air, moisture and environmental characteristics, the Department of the century instead of Styrofoam, EPE, Pulp, a good choice. 

3, the Buffer gas column bag itself using inert gas as the material, to the product design, so that itself has the following advantages: 

(1) low-cost 

(2) space 

(3) can be recycled 

(4) Reduce packaging flow, save Manpower 

(5) non-polluting 

(6) while also providing long-term storage and transportation of the earthquake protection

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