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Why do you know the reason for the leak of the cushion gas-column bag?
Aug 03, 2018

    Many customers who buy buffer gas column bags are more than the problem that the Buffer gas column bag leakage, or the gas column bag is blown up, and then feedback to the manufacturer to consult what is the problem!

    Today for you to list the reasons for the air vent bag leakage, hope to help customers! 

    1. Buffer gas column bag in production due to the machine or mold temperature is not enough to cause the sealing edge is not strong, this will appear in the Buffer gas column bag in the air after the sealing edge leakage. (due to the manufacturers of defective products will be deleted, this situation is relatively rare) 

    2. Buffer gas column bag factory in will do a good Buffer gas column bag box, due to touch the elite goods caused by the buffer gas column bag damage. (This phenomenon also rarely occurs, because the staff are well aware of the characteristics of the gas column bag, will pay more attention!)


    3. When the customer receives the gas column bag, it accidentally touches the elite items before inflating. (Note that the customer has not formed the habit of protecting the gas-column bag.)

    4. A common point is also prone to the phenomenon is because the gas column bag in the use of air compressor inflatable, because the air compressor did not adjust the air pressure directly inflated, so easy to lead to buffer gas column bag was blown!

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