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The benefits of dunnage bags
Jan 17, 2019

   Dunnage bags are specifically designed to secure and stabilize cargo in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. They are tough, flexible anti wear. Now we summarize the benefits of dunnage bags for you. Maybe you can find some advantages that suit your industry.

1.      Reducing costs. You can save a lot of money comparing with similar products.

2.      Customized on demand. Customized dunnage bag for you according to the specifications of the goods, making the protection more secure.

3.      Increase speed. One-way check valve operates more quickly when inflating or deflating.

4.      Ensuring cargo safety: Fully fill the gap between cargos, support the weight of cargo caused by shaking, absorb vibration and protect cargo from damage in transportation.

5.      International certification: Through Swiss SGS International Quality System Certification.

6.      Environmental friendly and energy saving: If using correctly, dunnage bags can be reusable, which help to protect environment and reduce your cost.

7.      FasterNow, do you have a clearer understanding of the use and advantages of container bags? Customs Pass: Save enterprises' Transportation Storage Cost.



   Now, do you have a clearer understanding of the use and advantages of dunnage bags? Anything you don't understand, please feel free to contact our online customer service or click "dunnage bags" in the text section of the article to access the product details page. We have professional staff to provide you with the most perfect pre-sales and after-sales service.

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