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What are the benefits of inflatable packaging?
Aug 03, 2018

With the traditional carton packaging, newspaper packaging, inflatable packaging more and more favored by businesses, but also some people do not understand, are packaging, why inflatable packaging can be so praised, inflatable packaging in the end what good?

First, space saving Industry insiders pointed out that the inflatable packaging using 99% of the air and 1% of the plastic film, the packaging is not inflated before very flat, and does not occupy space, can be a large number of storage, is now filled with, how much charge, do not worry about space is not enough.

and the traditional packaging, not only occupies space, and waste is extremely serious, to newspaper packaging, for example, a fragile product packaging, often need at least five newspapers, but also need foam and other auxiliary.

This can not guarantee the transport process does not occur, but the inflatable packaging is not the same, inflatable packaging can not only be based on the size of the product to adjust the size of the package, while the seismic buffer is excellent, do not worry about the goods will be in the transport was broken, smashed.

Third, does not cause the displacement damage In addition to the use of inflatable packaging can save space, will not cause displacement damage. As we all know, the traditional newspaper, carton packaging needs a large number of filling to ensure that the product is protected, and even so, there is no business dare to say is absolutely no problem.

Inflatable packaging is not the same, it appears to make product displacement, external pressure and so on to become clouds, as long as the quality of inflatable packaging to ensure that the transport process will not have problems. Even the weight of an adult pressure, inflatable packaging is not a cinch.

The important thing is that this kind of packing space is very small, can transport more things.

Third, can be recycled without pollution The establishment of corporate image has a great help. The material used in the inflatable packaging is the gas-column bag, which has been tested without toxic substances and heavy metals, in line with environmental requirements, and in any state, the original material is clean, because it will not produce pollution and will not cause environmental problems.

After one use can also be recycled, to avoid waste of resources. There are many benefits of inflatable bags, in addition to the above mentioned three points, such as improving corporate image, reduce labor costs, reduce transport costs, easy production, easy to modify, short supply cycle are the advantages of inflatable packaging.

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