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Two kinds of external forces on the circulation process of the buffer gas-column bag
Aug 03, 2018

    Products in the circulation process of the external forces are mainly shock and vibration of two. 

    ① impact. If the package falls from a certain height and collides with the ground or other objects, or is affected by an instantaneous external force, it can be considered to be impacted. No matter what mode of transport, the product encountered a serious impact often comes from the loading and unloading operations, mostly due to the drop in the packaging of the ground caused.In addition, in transport, a variety of transport tools such as trains, automobiles, etc., as a result of driving, parking, braking and so on inevitably make the package is impacted. 

    ② Vibration. Any package is a flexible and damped vibration system with multiple degrees of freedom, and the vibration generated by the package is driven by the forced vibration of the transport vehicle. The vibration produced by the conveyance is very harmful to the package, especially when the natural frequency of the package is similar to the vibration frequency of the conveyance and the product will be damaged by resonance. such as mechanical abrasion, fatigue damage, packaging deformation, product breakage.

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