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Precautions for use of gas-column bags
Aug 03, 2018

With the use of gas-column bags in various industries, more and more people are aware of the gas column bag, but in the use of gas-column bag, or will encounter a variety of problems, the following for you to explain in the use of the process, should have some problems to pay attention to:

1, in the opening of the packaging should be careful not to scratch the inflatable packaging film.

2, in the gas column bag inflatable, must be in accordance with the provisions of the air pressure, generally in 0.07-0.08 MPA, the volume of filling to be accurate, not excessive gas, so as not to fill the bag.

3, the requirements of the working environment clean, do not use with nails outside the box, not in the ground to drag and grind the gas sheet and other illegal operations.

4, the use of the process must not have sharp tool stab, such as blades or nails .

5, if the packaging items are angular, good edges and corners polished sleek, if not polished, the proposal in the Gas column packaging and carton packaging, to ensure that the packaging items are well protected.

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