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Packaging characteristics of cushioning gas column packaging materials
Aug 03, 2018

       Packaging characteristics of cushioning gas column packaging materials:

  (1) The absorption of impact energy is a good absorbing effect on the impact force of the commodity. 

       (2) Vibration absorbent Packaging products In addition to the impact of external impact, but also by the vibration and speed, if the natural frequency of goods and vibration of the frequency of the same, will produce resonance, resonance, so that amplitude increase, large to a certain value, will damage the merchandise.

  Cushioning packaging materials can absorb the vibration force, attenuation amplitude.

  (3) Resilience cushioning packaging materials in the external load conditions will produce deformation, but the external load removal, can restore the original form, namely: the external static load and impact, vibration of the dynamic load caused by deformation, have good resilience.

  (4) Compression creep cushioning packaging materials in the continuous action of static load, the phenomenon of slow deformation over time is called compression creep, this compression creep deformation should be the smaller the better.

  (5) Flexible flexibility with good flexure.

  (6) suitable temperature and humidity cushioning packaging material can maintain its good cushioning performance at low temperature, for example: polyurethane foam can be used to -30℃,PS foam low use temperature can reach -20℃,PE foam can be used to-50 ℃. (7) Cushioning packaging materials with good application of acid, alkali, grease, resistance to organic solvents and salt, light resistance; good anti-static, easy to process molding, easy to operate, the price to cheap, waste easy to use easy to burn but deal with, do not cause environmental pollution.

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