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Manufacturers and traders, which is better to buy air cushion bags
Jan 22, 2019

Inflatable cushioning packaging is becoming more and more popular in all walks of life when environmental protection issues are getting more and more attention. So when enterprises or customers buy air cushion packaging, how should they make choices when facing various manufacturers and traders? Here PackBest will do some analysis for you.


First of all, we would like to give you a positive answer that there is no doubt that we should choose manufacturers with independent production capacity. The reasons are as follows.

1.     Manufacturers have the ability to develop and design new products. Traders can only offer a few common styles that are fixed on the market. If customers need a particular style, they still need to find a cooperating manufacturer to customize it.

2.     The manufacturer can guarantee the delivery date. Traders need to get goods from manufacturers, so they can't give customers a definite delivery date.

3.     What's importantly, trders' price is always higher than manufactuers'. Since traders will get the difference, then the cost of customers will also be higher in this way.


After these analyses, do you also think that the best choice is to get goods from the manufacturer? PackBest has been devoted into the industry of air packaging for over 12 years which has rich experience in producing and designing. If you have any questions about air cushion packaging, please feel free to contact us! Following picture shows our factory and we have had 11 product line that can product at the same time!


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