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Inflatable Cushioning Packaging And Economy
Jan 11, 2019

Packaging originates from life. Protecting commodities, promoting sales are always linked to our economic life. Consumption of packaging is also a part of product cost for enterprise. And packaging is not only limited to the terminal packaging of products, but also includes transportation packaging in the process of storage and transportation of products.


It is necessary to find cost-saving packaging materials for transportation packaging. Air cushioning packaging, such as air column bags, is such a product. The new packaging system filled with natural air is applied in transportation packaging industry which are manufactured with environmental protection packaging materials and can be customized according to product specifications. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection nowadays, the application of cushioning air column bags is becoming more and more widespread and frequent. Here are some special advantages of air-column bags that we have summarized from our actual customers.

  • It could all-round coat products.

  • It has good shock resistance and shock resistance.

  • It can control the damage rate of products during storage and transportation´╝îreduce damage to products caused by natural factors such as rain and dust pollution.

  • It could help to reduce the loss of enterprises and businesses.

  • It is transparent and looks not only simple, but also generous. Compared with the same type of cushioning packaging, it can quickly improve the brand value of goods.



We also have professional Air Column Bag Making Machine for automotive Inflating system. The following video is for your reference.


The application and value of inflatable packaging materials are reflected in their economy, environmental protection and aesthetics such as air column bags in today's life. PackBest will continue to focuses on cushioning air-column bags in the future packaging market. Nowadays, the types of cushioning air-column bags are becoming more and more extensive. In order to better compete, PackBest is increasing its efforts to develop and design new air-column bags.

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