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Methods of choosing suitable dunnage bags
Jan 15, 2019

Many customers have had a certain understanding of our dunnage bags after reading the articles on our website. Recently, however, we have received many inquiries from customers about how to choose the appropriate dunnage bags for their products. Today, we will give you a unified and simple answer based on these questions. When choosing dunnage bags, please do the following things first.

1. Measure the gap between cargos and the overall height of cargo palletizing.

2. Measure the depth of the pallet or the size of the package.

For normal use, if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.), adding corrugated cardboard or other flat board on both sides of the inflatable bag can effectively protect the inflatable bag from being punctured.

Of course, if you have any special needs, you can also contact our customer service online, they will give you more suitable suggestions and methods according to your actual situation.

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