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General procedures for cushioning packaging design
Aug 03, 2018

       ① fully grasp the characteristics of the product, including the product weight, shape, size, material, the location and nature of the vulnerable parts, natural frequencies, the purpose of product use, product shell strength, surface status, prominent part of the position.

  ② know whether there is a package with the product accessories, if so, it should be clear about the situation, the product is required to separate packaging or internal packaging, the number of products.

  ③ understand the external conditions, modes of transport, climatic conditions, storage conditions and storage time of packaging parts in circulation.

  ④ determine the overall structure of the package, which will be based on the need to adopt what kind of packaging technology, and then determine the packaging structure level.

  ⑤ according to the characteristics of the product to choose to meet the requirements and economic cushioning material, determine the way and size of the gasket.

  ⑥ the fixed method of fixing the inner material in the package must be fixed and stable.

  ⑦ the cost of packaging materials, processing fees and other accounting, evaluation of the design is economical and reasonable. 

       ⑧ carries on the packing test, examines the packing cushioning, the shockproof performance conforms to the design request.

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