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Environmental protection of Inflatable bags
Aug 03, 2018

For modern logistics companies, how to ensure the integrity of the customer package is a vital principle. In reality, there are a lot of logistics companies due to the transport process in the neglect of the buffer between the packages, resulting in the damage of customer products cases, to this end, more and more logistics transport companies will be in the packaging to pay attention to the choice of cushioning packaging materials, such as bubble film, inflatable bags, scrap newspapers In the face of many market buffer protection, logistics companies should choose which kind of cushioning packaging materials?

Industry people suggest to think more about filling inflatable bags. With this protection, red wine damage rate will be greatly reduced, can greatly save the cost of the merchant. At the same time, because the airbag is flat before use, it looks like A4 paper, so storage does not need much space.

When used, it is necessary to fill the gas column bag, it can be used, reduce the packaging time, improve the efficiency of the staff. Secondly, it is environmental protection and efficiency.

Now the market hot-selling inflatable packaging for plastic film production, the material is good elasticity, resilience, it can deal with the logistics company of various kinds of vehicle shaking impact on the product, and this material belongs to recyclable materials, in the inflatable packaging can be recycled after the damage. Inflatable bags used in the form of handbags, the appearance of a very beautiful, and will not be deformed, low-cost, environmentally clean, for consumers, such packaging will also make them more assured.

In addition, inflatable bags can save a lot of transport space and weight, can withstand the weight of 60kg, do not worry about squeezing and so on. In addition, because of the appearance of inflatable packaging, can be printed on its surface patterns and fonts, to impress people at the same time, is also the effective carrier of customer propaganda corporate culture.

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