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Air-column bag--Express must use packing
Aug 03, 2018

      With the development of E-commerce, more and more consumers to join the online shopping industry, as a net purchase of goods in the way the mail will produce what kind of problems? First, the current express industry's mixed, express industry staff for the performance of Commission, often carry out profiteering sorting.

      How can goods remain intact in such an environment?

     Second, in The Courier after sorting, product intact, then in the delivery process, how to prevent, after all, the road is far away and its bumps, the collision of goods, this is unavoidable. Seeing these, we can find the problem from the source, are the traditional cushioning packaging performance is not ideal. If the product's packaging cushioning performance of the first-class words.

     For Violent Express, on the way collision these will not be afraid at all. When it comes to cushioning packaging, there is no single package that can be compared to a gas-column bag. Because the gas-column bag is developed by the use of good air cushioning and decompression characteristics. Not only to meet the needs of express bags, but also to meet the needs of commodity security. The combination of gas-column bag packaging not only reduces the protection of various protective packages, but also reduces the waste of express bags. The use of a new gas-column bag packaging a bag to be able to do express delivery of various needs, can be a large limit to achieve the express packaging environmental protection and energy-saving development.

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