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Container Filling Dunnage Air Bags

Container Filling Dunnage Air Bags

In transport, the biggest factor of cargo damage is the impact force before and after between cargos, which could cause damage we can't predict. Dunnage bags make it suitable for applications in all modes during the transportation by road, rail or sea. They can fill gap between cargoes and support the weight to prevent collapse and aborb shock. And they can bear about 5000KG stastic pressure.

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About us 

Guangzhou Packbest Air Packaging Co,. Ltd was founded in 2006 and we always keep up with the new air packaging trend to ensure the best provention for our customers. We are widly know as our high quality transportation packaging solutions and our patent for innavation. And air packaging has became more and more well-known in the packaging market nowadays.

Container Filling Dunnage Air Bags


  • Material : PA ( PE+20%NYLON ), 7 layers PE&NYLON co-extruded film

  • Function : Air Locking (self-lock Up)

  • Thickness : 75UM

Customized sizes are available.

Dunnage bags can be quickly inflated. Now it is widly used to fill the container and your goods will be greatly protected during the transport. You can use air compressor and air gun to inflate it.

Key Benefits

  • Securing cargos effectively;                                                              

  • Avoiding compensation claims;                                                            

  • Reducing loading and unloading time thus to improve the efficiency;                              

  • Lowering logistics cost;                                                                   

  • Easy operation;                                                                            

  • customer satisfaction;                                                            

  • Upgrading company & product's image;                                                                                                    8.Applied for variety of transportation.

Quality Control: 

  • Only the highest quality in raw materials is used 

  • Manufactured under ISO9001 certified conditions 

  • SGS report for materials 

  • Every dunnage bag have to pass QC test before shipment 





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