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Durable Glass Bottle Air Column Roll

Durable Glass Bottle Air Column Roll

Air column packing roll can replace and develop the way most items are packed today. It’s a step closer to a more sustainable future, where products are packed with just the right amount of packaging to guarantee optimum protection, while safeguarding the environment at the same time.

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Company Overview

As one of the largest air cushion pack manufacturers in China, Guangzhou Packbest Air Packaging Co., Ltd. is always striving to be the leader of inflatable protective packing industry. 7000㎡ workshop, 12 years experience, SGS/CE certificated, 1 hours reach Huangpu, Guangzhou port or Shenzhen port, this is how we keep superior quality and competitive offers for customers domestic and abroad.

Durable Glass Bottle Air Column Roll


What is Air Column Roll?

Air column roll is a pliable PA co-extrusion plastic material ( 7 layers PE&NYLON co-extruded film ) used for packing fragile items. Unlike bubble wrap, air column roll has a valve to allow the bag to be inflated to provide cushioning for fragile items. So, it can be shipped and inflated on-demand. Once inflated the continuous valve seals each tube independently from each other, one tube broke, others still work perfectly.


How to inflate it?

The following picture is for your reference.


And you also can use the following auto-inflation machine which we are also selling.    




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