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Recyclable Camera Air Column Bag

Recyclable Camera Air Column Bag

Air column bag is made of strong and tough PE/PA co-extrusion film and has outstanding protective, providing effective protection to a variety of fragile products during transportation. It is is ruputure-proof, withstanding up to 60-100KG pressure.

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PackBest has been devoted into the industry of air packaging for over 12 years.  We are specialized in providing different kinds of air cushioning packaging materials and solutions. We also have introduced more modern facilities and improved the production technology. The packaging waste is significantly reduced, and cost savings can be achieved with less pollution.

Recyclable Camera Air Column Bag

product description

  • Material: PA/PE  co-extrued

  • can be cut into small columns optionally according to different size demands.

  • Can lock air automatically after filling air with good air tightness, humidity and corrosion resistance.

  • Light weight, good transparency, strong flexibility.

  • Sound insulation,no smell and no posion.

  • Sturdy and durable.

  • It's reusable.




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