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Biodegradable Air Cushion Roll

Biodegradable Air Cushion Roll

Most of the time, the outer carton is larger than the product you need to pack. The empty space around the product is called a 'void'. Filling these voids will help you prevent movement of the product within the carton box. Void fill air cushion roll is a great way to protect and cushion your product from vibration damage.

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More than 12 years ago, Guangzhou Packbest Air Packaging Co,. Ltd was founded to achieve faster and more conveient packaging material. We decisively abandon the traditional packaging that may case higher cost and more environmental pollution. And after 12 years of innovation and development, we have owned our no printing valve patent and more and more customers world wide. We believe air packaging have became a popular packaging trend and we also will consist to provide suitable production and solution for our customers.

Biodegradable Air Cushion Roll



Customized sizes and logo printing are accepted.

Air cushion roll need to work with air cushion machine together. There are perforation lines between each pillow. They can be teared down by single or multiple for use.



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